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 Secondary Licensure Graduates!

   Dr. Funston Whiteman is a 2006 Graduate of the Secondary Licensure program through the College of Education. Dr. Whiteman was a history teaching major and has since completed a master's degree and doctorate at the University of Oklahoma. His Dissertation is entitled:

An Examination of the Relationship Between Academic Achievment and Supplemental Federal Revenue as it Relates to American Indian Students in a Public School District


   Dr. Bruce Eschler, a 2004 graduate of the Secondary Teacher Education program in the College of Education, recently recieved his doctorate from Brigham Young University. Dr. Eschler completed a master's degree from the University of Utah in Reading and currently serves as an Assistant Principal at Corner Canyon High School in the Canyons School District. His Dissertation is entitled: 

Finnish Teacher Collaboration: The Behaviors, Learning, and Formality of Teacher Collaboration   


Each summer the UITE hosts Salt Lake Valley teachers as they pursue advanced study in mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies. In-person and online course work provides K-12 educators with a research-to-practice experience through engageing and practical application of content to classroom teaching.


Science in the Classroom with Utah Teachers!


 " . . . I truly watched a group of people become inspired to teach science, in a whole new way. . . At the start of this class I could see that many people felt like, "Oh, boy. Here we go, let's get this class done." However, by the last day people just didn't want to leave. People were craving to learn more. . . I am so glad that you are showing teachers how to engage students in ways that will support students. . . I am so happy to find a fabulous group of people that do love teaching and are trying to create student centered classrooms. . . "



 Building Productive Classroom Communities!




Valley Teachers Convene to Explore Mathematics Teaching!



2017 Stegner "Young Scholars" Writing Institute

Institute Faculty:
Monica Ferguson (Co-Director), Laura Scarpulla (Co-Director)
U-COE: Jan Dole, Kerry Herman, Colli Lucas   SLCSD: Wendy Blankenship, Megan Corrigan

The University of Utah Urban Institute for Teacher Education and the Salt Lake City School District are co-sponsoring the 9th Annual Stegner "Young Scholars" Writing Institute held June 5-16, 2017 with funding provided by the Salt Lake Education Foundation, and the University of Utah College of Education. The Writing Institute invites secondary-level writers (particularly English language learners and those from first-generation families to attend college), as well as secondary teachers from the Salt Lake City School District to discover the power of writing by increasing achievement as writers and teachers. Students have the opportunity to experience college life during the two-week Institute. Their inspiration is influenced by the life and literary legacy of Wallace Stegner.
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Constance Allred
Nakia Arquette
Anastasia Athens
Christopher Atkinson
Jessica Burraston
Alison Carpenter
Carol Castaneda
Benjamin Chavez
Rachel Christensen
Prema Chruthoti
Lauren Cook
Elizabeth Crouch
Paul Cushing
Danielle Dallof
Tyler Davenport
Kim Dillingham
Adrian Drabner
Alicia Ely
Aubriele Elzinga
Kevin Engberson
Emily Epstein
Katelyn Ertmann
Kirsten Fabert

Carmen Flores
Rachel Ford
Tressa Franklin
Rachel Giddings
Karli Gillette
Jessica Gowers
Leslie Hall
Kelsey Haney
Madison Hanson
DeMarie Hoover
Melanie Hortin
Sierra Huffman
 James Hu
Shannah Johnson
Kaci Jones
Lindsey Kirk
Megan Kouha
Xavier Lara
Nicole Lavely
Rachel Lay
Carissa Lords
Mark Lowe

Colerain Mack
Lauren Mack
Misty Mackay
Briana Mahoney
Lindsey Mann
Jeanell Martinez
Meagan McCandless
Amy Mella
Jordyn Middleton
Shannon Mondeaux
Kaitlynn Mraz
Margi Mulder
Whitney Myers
Baylee Nielsen
Amanda O'Connor
Alison Olson
Salome Oteros
Brittany Pankow
Sean Pontius
Laura Pratt
Kaylee Punches
Tayler Rawson

Jaymi Reddout
Laura Reed
Kaylie Robison
Randi Robertson
Brianna Rolf
Emma Rupenthal
Cristina Shapiro
Alizabeth Shirts
Jimmy Sieng
Lauren Silver
Colin Smith
Taylor Smith
Elizabeth Snow
Tiffany Sonnborn-Durham
Caitlin Tassell
Cindy Teague
Kaitlyn Thomas
Taylor Treuhaft
Brian Uribe-Bate
Kailey Van Otten
Anne Weixler
Yun Wu

Teacher Education at the University of Utah
You Can Make a Difference!

Our Mission Statement  (en Español)
The mission of the UITE is to prepare educators to serve urban students and educational communities in all their rich diversity. We conceive of educational diversity as the dynamic engagement of a range of cultural and urban traditions, including individual differences in ability. In preparing teachers and leaders to work within and across differences, we collaborate with community-based initiatives, seek out community partners, and continually work to discover fresh and innovative ways to approach both curriculum and pedagogy. Our goal is an educational process in which teachers, leaders, and teacher educators draw upon multidisciplinary research and direct urban inquiry to serve all students well. We welcome prospective teachers to this vital, sometimes daunting but always exhilarating, challenge.

Student Spotlight

Congratulations to our 2017 Honors students

Carmen Flores

Carmen Flores

Multicultural Literacy
in the 21st Century


Carol Castaneda

Carol Castaneda

Integrating Social Justice Lessons in a Spanish High School Classroom to Increase Motivation in Learning Spanish as a Second/World Language



UITE licensure graduates present their research findings at
2017 College of Education Research Fair!


Congratulations to Tyler Davenport, UITE's Elementary Education Degree and Licensure student Learn More about Tyler's Capstone Project here.

Perhaps we must answer the question Why Teach? with Why Not?!


Community Involvement

UITE instructor John Funk recently presented to the Utah Family Childcare Association (NAFCC) at an annual training event. He  worked with the caregivers on developmentally appropriate art activities and developmentally appropriate math skills for birth-5 year- olds. He also presented at the National Child Care Conference in San Diego and at the National Early Childhood Annual Conference (NAEYC) in Los Angeles. My workshops were focused on hands-on projects to do with young children to support basic standards in math, science, and critical thinking.                                 

 Meet Your UITE Team!

Meet Your Advisors

Karla Motta

Karla is your Academic Bridge Coordinator. Karla works in collaboration with local high schools, community organizations and university members to provide academic, career, and financial advising to education teaching majors. When she is not on campus, you can find her indulging in the great outdoors of Utah as well as the many eateries Salt Lake City offers.  


Sara Hatch

Sara is your Academic Advisor. Sara is extremely invested in helping students achieve their academic goals. She enjoys interacting with students, introducing them to the resources they need to be successful, and helping students explore the great opportunities higher education can provide. Outside of work, Sara enjoys reading, going to plays, and spending time with friends and family.

Meet Your Faculty       

John Funk

Elementary Education

Peggy McCandless

Elementary Education

Kerry Herman

Elementary Education



Linda Sorensen

Secondary Education



Udita Gupta

Secondary Education

 Facing the Teacher Shortage

Continuum The Magazine of the Univeristy of Utah

Read about the teacher shortages our community is facing, and how we here at the College of Education are working towards a solution! HERE

UITE Scholarship Recipients

The Urban Institute for Teacher Education would like to congratulate all of our scholarship recipients! All of the College of Education scholarship recipients were recognized at this years Scholarship Banquet. We are so pround of our students! Congratualtions!



 The Student Becomes the Teacher!

Elementary education graduate Allie Bowers recently returned to her childhood elementary, this time as the teacher. Read more HERE


 Meet Our Graduate Assistants!

 The Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE) is an interdisciplinary unit in the College of Education. Graduate Students from across the college work with UITE faculty in our work in classrooms and schools. The expertise of these former teachers informs supervisory practices with an emphasis on          research-to-practice!



University of Utah Teacher Education Program Accorded National Accreditation

The University of Utah’s teacher licensure program receives national accreditation approval through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Approval through CAEP is in compliance with federal and state requirements for institutions offering teacher education programs.

A College-Wide Commitment to Urban Teacher Education

The Urban Institute for Teacher Education, in conjunction with the four departments in the College of Education and academic colleges throughout the University of Utah, prepares undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates in early childhood, elementary, and secondary education. Through a college-wide core curriculum future teachers acquire the knowledge and skills in areas that include : school-family partnerships, multicultural education, educational law, assessment, special education, classroom management, and educational research. Classroom and community experiences through practica and service learning focus on issues of equity, access, and social justice for contemporary students, teachers, and families.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Urban Institute for Teacher Education is currently in partnership with several programs, clinics and research centers that will become part of the new Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex. These include The Center for Integrating Arts into Academic Learning in conjunction with the College of Fine Arts; The Center for Math and Science Education in conjunction with the College of Science; the Utah Education Policy Center; the Masters in World Languages Program and the English as a Second Language Endorsement Program in conjunction with the College of Humanities, the College of Education Reading and Literacy Center, the University of Utah Reading Clinic; the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of Caring; the Center for Applied Technology in Education; and a college-wide focus on k-16 education for students from ethnically and culturally diverse families as a coordinated effort with the College of Education's partnership with the University Neighborhood Partners (UNP) program.


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