Teacher Education Workshop Series


These workshops are designed to assist students, answer questions, and help navigate the information needed to successfully submit your application for both the Teacher Education Licensure Programs and the College of Education Scholarships.

The workshops are available as a year-round resource. A live workshop will be available for students to participate in through Zoom. Please see each workshop for dates and times. The 2022-2023 Workshop dates are now available! Please see the flyer for more information. Please select each workshop below for more information about each one.

Students are strongly encouraged to each workshop's materials prior to participating in the live workshops.

Need to attend virtually? Our zoom link for the Workshops will be available here the day of the Workshop. We look forward to seeing you there!

Meeting on 2/7/2023: Scholarship Workshop either zoom or in the UITE Offices, SAEC 2260 from 3:30-4:30


Meeting ID: 982 3471 3554

Passcode: Apply22.23

Admissions Workshop

This workshop will walk you through the application process, the documentation that you'll need, and answer basic questions that you might have about the admissions process. This is not limited to students submitting applications for the 2023-2024 Licensure Year. All students submitting applications are welcome.

Personal Statement Workshop

This workshop will help you craft your personal statement that will inform the Admissions Committee of your strengths as a candidate for the Teacher Education Licensure Programs. Part one will be discussing what goes into your statement, brainstorming ideas, using our online tool and starting to draft your statement. Part two will be reviewing your draft, proofreading and getting it ready for final submission. Students attending part two should have a draft statement ready to be reviewed. Prior attendance at part one is not required for attendance at part two.

Admissions Final Q & A

This workshop will answer any final questions you have about the application process. Students should have either already submitted or are finalizing their applications for submission to the Licensure Programs. This is not limited to students submitting applications for the 2023-2024 Licensure Year. All students submitting applications are welcome.

Scholarships Workshop

Students participating in this workshop will learn about scholarships available to College of Education students and various application requirements. All students interested in scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year are strongly encouraged to attend.

If you are interested in the workshops, please contact:

UITE Advisor
Sara Hatch Southwick
SAEC 2264


SP ED Advisor
Kaitlin Lindsay
SAEC 2282