Background Check

All students should note the following information prior to beginning a USBE Background Check or requesting a permission code.

In order to participate in any field-based course in the teaching licensure programs, students must pass a State and Federal background check through the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). Students must complete the background check prior to the first course meeting. Failure to do so may jeopardize your ability to complete course requirements and receive a grade in field based courses.

Please note that students should complete the physical fingerprinting at the locations listed on the paperwork sent to you from the USBE and no other locations. Note that the University Campus Police does not meet this requirement as it is not on the listed locations. To ensure that your physical fingerprinting is reported back to the USBE you must take the paperwork that is sent to you from the USBE with you when you complete your physical fingerprinting. If you do not take this paperwork with you, your check will not be sent to the USBE and we cannot accept it. All checks must be verified with the USBE, we will not accept any checks from outside entities.

To verify that your background check is on record with the USBE please follow the directions found here. If your background check is not on record, you will be required to complete the USBE Background Check directions found below.

To initiate the background check process (complete the online portion):

1. Begin the Process. Go to Background Check and then Start your Background Check.

2. Privacy Policy Statement.

3. Licensing Procedure. Select Initial Licensure.

4. User Authentication.

5. Record Not Found. If you have not completed a background check with the USBE, a warning will show stating that they were unable to find a record for you in CACTUS. This is expected. If you are renewing your background check if it has expired, this screen may not display. Click continue.

6. Create New Record. Please complete all of the fields. Please ensure that you answer the Institution drop down question, indicating the University of Utah as the institution that you are attending. This will help ensure the University receives your background check clearance information. If you do not complete this, the University will not be notified when your check clears. Then click continue.

7. Verify New Record.

8. Fingerprint Method. Please note that if you live in Utah, you will be expected to complete the LiveScan method for the physical fingerprinting. If you live out of state, you may complete the fingerprint cards. Please see information below regarding out of state completion. Click Continue.

Students should note that at this time, the BCI requires that students schedule an appointment to complete the LiveScan. To schedule your appointment and check safety precautions, please go to: . If you go to one of the other locations on the list, please contact the location prior to going to the location for rules, regulations and if you need to schedule an appointment. You must take your paperwork from the USBE with you when you go to complete the physical fingerprinting no matter what location you go to complete it.

9. Fingerprint Release.

10. FBI Privacy Statement Agreement.

11. Additional Statements.

12. Purpose of Check. Please select the second option: “Enrolling in a University Program that will result in a Utah Educator License (student license)”. Click continue.

13. Transaction Successfully Completed.

If you selected the LiveScan process:

Your forms will be emailed to the address that you supplied when you created a new record. If you do not receive these forms within 24 hours of completing the online form, please notify the Urban Institute for Teacher Education at 801-581-7158 or email Please be sure that you check your junk mail as it may be sent there.

Please print the forms and take them with you to one of the locations on the paperwork that the USBE sends you to complete the physical fingerprinting. These forms are required to have the check sent to the USBE and to the University of Utah. If the forms are not brought with you, neither the USBE nor the University of Utah will be notified that your check has cleared. This may delay your clearance and/or result in needing to complete a new check.

The BCI is located at 3888 West 5400 South, Taylorsville, Utah 84118, 801-965-4445. Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm.

A fee $15 must be paid at BCI to complete your fingerprinting. Students are reminded that at this time an appointment is required to be scheduled prior to arriving at the BCI. Please go to to make the appointment.

Other locations on the USBE paperwork will have fees of their own.


If you selected the fingerprint cards:

The fingerprint cards can take 14 weeks to process once you send them in. No authorization will be emailed to you. Instead a release form and authorized fingerprint cards will be mailed to you to take to local law enforcement to complete. You will need to mail them back to the BCI to process. Please note, this option should only be used for students who do not plan to complete field work in the following academic semester due to the time it takes to complete this process.


Important information to complete a full check:

You must list the University of Utah as the Institution you are attending when you complete the online portion of the background check procedure.

Your USBE Background Check is good for five years and will be continuously monitored for continued clearance.

Background check status will be recorded by the UITE at the University of Utah and instructors in future field-based classes will be made aware of your clearance status so that you do not have to complete the check more than once within a five year period.

IMPORTANT: You only have 60 days from the time you log into the USBE system to take your form to the BCI site and get your prints taken. If you do not complete the process within the 60 day time limit, you will be taken out of the USBE system and will have to repay all fees. We strongly encourage you to complete this process as soon as possible to prevent delays in clearances which may delay enrollment in some classes.

If a student does not pass the background check, they cannot complete the field requirements of field practicum courses.

Please follow the directions as listed above.

Students should note that background checks that cannot be verified by the USBE's database will not be accepted, no exceptions.

Permission Code Request Forms

Please complete a permission code request form for the corresponding course that you are interested in. Permission codes will be distributed after completion of the form. Please allow 48 hours for a response (There will not be an immediate response to completing the form). Permission codes will be sent to the students umail address.

It is strongly recommended that students requiring a permission code for one of the EDU classes listed below begin their background check as soon as possible. Appointments to complete the physical fingerprinting at the BCI are currently at least a month from the date of calling to schedule the appointment. Other locations on USBE paperwork may have similar timelines. Cleared background checks are required to receive a permission code.

While a cleared background check is required to receive a permission code, students may request a permission code once they have completed the online portion of the background check. CACTUS verification of beginning the check is required. It may take a week for CACTUS to update. Students do not need to wait for clearance to request the code.

Students should note that priority for some courses may be given to students needing the course to proceed into their licensure year.

Permission Code Request forms for EDU classes will be available:

Summer 2021: Monday, March 22, 2021

Fall 2021: Monday, April 12, 2021

Permission CodeS FOR ECS, FA 4000, MATH and Special education

Please click on the link to the courses that you need to request a permission code. Complete a permission code request form on that departments website. Permission codes will be sent to the students umail address.

Please note, UITE does not issue permission codes for these classes and you will need to work with the appropriate departments to ensure that you have met prerequisite requirements if applicable.

Permission codes for ECS 6/5645 and Special Education will be sent out a few weeks after open enrollment opens for each semester. For summer 2021 that is Monday April 12, 2021. For fall 2021 that is Monday, July 26, 2021. Please be patient as departments work together to determine enrollment priority.

If you are unsure if you have completed the form for ECS 5645, please contact

If you are interested in background checks and permission codes, please contact:

Kristen Lindsay
SAEC 2260