Permission Code Request Forms

Permission Code Request Forms

No student can register for a class without a verified CACTUS screenshot of their USBE Background Check and a permission code.

To verify that your background check is on record with the USBE, locate your CACTUS Number, and provide proof of your USBE Background Check for permission codes,  please follow the directions found here.

Please complete a permission code request form for the corresponding course that you are interested in. Permission codes will be distributed after completion of the form. Please allow 48 hours for a response (There will not be an immediate response to completing the form). Permission codes will be sent to the students umail address. Students are expected to use their issued permission code promptly.

It is strongly recommended that students requiring a permission code for one of the EDU classes listed below begin their background check as soon as possible. Appointments to complete the physical fingerprinting at the BCI are currently at least a month from the date of calling to schedule the appointment. Other locations on USBE paperwork may have similar timelines. Cleared background checks are required to receive a permission code.

While a cleared background check is required to receive a permission code, students may request a permission code at any time. Students should note that CACTUS verification of beginning the check is required to receive your permission code. It may take a week for CACTUS to update. CACTUS is a program supported by the USBE. The UITE does not have any access or control to update student CACTUS records. Students submitting a screenshot for CACTUS Verification should make sure that it says Live Scan Background and Online Fingerprint Request on your CACTUS Application Status page. Students without CACTUS access should submit the CACTUS Verification Statement as directed on the permission code request form and then you can submit your permission code request form.

Students should note that priority for some courses may be given to students needing the course to proceed into their licensure year.


Permission CodeS FOR ECS, FA 4000, MATH and Special education

Please click on the link to the courses that you need to request a permission code. Complete a permission code request form on that department's website. Permission codes will be sent to the student's umail address.

Please note, UITE does not issue permission codes for these classes and you will need to work with the appropriate departments to ensure that you have met prerequisite requirements if applicable.

Permission codes for ECS 6/5645, 6/5647 and Special Education have been sent out for spring 2022.

If you complete the permission code request form for spring 2022, space may not be available and you may need to take the course in summer (elementary education majors) or fall (secondary education students.

If you are unsure if you have completed the form for ECS 6/5645 or 6/5647, please contact


If you are interested in background checks and permission codes, please contact:

Kristen Lindsay
SAEC 2260