Permission Code Request Forms

Permission Codes

No student can register for a class without a verified USIMS screen shot of their USBE Background Check Clearance and a permission code. Old CACTUS screenshots from myuen will not be accepted.

To verify that your background check is on record with the USBE, locate your CACTUS Number, and provide proof of your USBE Background Check for permission codes, please follow the directions found here. Note that your name must appear on the screen shot you submit. Your permission code will not be issued if your name is not showing on the screen shot.

While a cleared background check is required to receive a permission code, students may request a permission code at any time. It may take a week for USIMS to update after you've received your fingerprint clearance. USIMS are programs supported by the USBE. The UITE does not have any access or control to update student USIMS records.

Students should note that priority for some courses may be given to students needing the course to proceed into their licensure year.

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Permission Codes outside of EDU Courses

UITE does not issue permission codes for these classes and you will need to work with the appropriate departments to ensure that you have met prerequisite requirements if applicable.

Permission codes for ECS and Special Education are issued after open enrollment for the semester. Please check the academic calendar for these dates.

If you are interested in background checks and permission codes, please contact:

Kristen Lindsay
SAEC 2262