University graduates from teaching, social work, speech and language pathology, counseling, and higher education will complete the licensing process through this office at the University of Utah. There are no fees associated with the licensing process through the university. We complete recommendations for those completing initial licenses, second licenses, and endorsement additions to current licenses for the state of Utah.  For further licensing information for the state of Utah please refer to the following link USBE Licensing.

Teacher Candidates at the University of Utah are expected to comply with Utah State Board of Education requirements for performance assessment. The University of Utah uses the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT) as a criterion for licensure recommendations.  Please see as well as program handbooks for more information.

Application submitted by Student
Advisor Review and Signoff
University Review and Recommend


Process and Timeline

Students Note: If you have submitted your license application and it is after the timeline listed below, please contact your academic advisor prior to contacting the Licensing Coordinator. Your license application may still be with your academic advisor. The licensing coordinator will not be able to give you a timeline on when your license will be processed if your application is still with your academic advisor.


In order to be recommended for a license to the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), the following criteria must be met.

  1. Student must complete a University of Utah licensure program and have degree posted. Degrees may take 4-6 weeks to post after end of term.
  2. Student must have a current Federal Background check with the state of Utah. Further information on background checks can be found here.
  3. Complete professional application form (include all test scores and any other required documentation, i.e. transcript if needed).
    • Depending on your program, you may complete this with your advisor before graduation.
  4. Once you have submitted your recommendation, your Academic Advisor will complete the advisor section and submit to the licensing coordinator (i.e., Kristen Lindsay The advisor section may take up to 3 weeks to complete depending upon the number of licenses to be processed.
  5. The Licensing Coordinator will review and submit applications to the USBE. The submission process may take up to 2 weeks depending upon the number of licenses to be processed.
  6. Once your license recommendation has been submitted you will receive an email with information and instructions on how you will receive your license.
  7. If there are delays, you will be notified by the coordinator.
  8. Unless directed by the Licensing Coordinator, do not complete more than one license application. Completing more than one license application does not speed up the process.

Students should note: Due to these timelines, your license is not instantly recommended the following day after you submit your application. It is recommended that you check your Umail and USIMS accounts frequently for updated licensing information. The USBE will not be able to tell you where you are for the University of Utah's licensure recommendation process. They would only be able to tell you if you have been recommended or not. If you have questions, after checking your Umail and USIMS, please reach out to your academic advisor first. Remember, degrees must post before the advisor can complete licensing paperwork to send to the licensing coordinator. Students note, all licensing information is sent to your umail. Students retain access to umail after graduation.

Please be aware of processing timelines:

  • Licenses on average can take up to 5 weeks to be processed by the University of Utah.
  • Second Licenses and endorsements can take an additional 6 weeks to be processed by the state after the University sends in the recommendation.