The Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE) strives to prepare educators to serve urban student and educational communities of a range of cultural and urban traditions, including individual differences in ability. In preparing teachers and leaders to work within and across differences, we collaborate with community based initiatives, seek out community partners, and continually work to discover fresh and innovative ways to approach both curriculum and pedagogy. Our goal is an educational process in which teachers, leaders, and teacher educators draw upon multidisciplinary research and direct urban inquire to serve all students well. We welcome prospective teachers to this exhilarating challenge.

Teacher Candidates at the University of Utah are expected to comply with Utah State Board of Education requirements for performance assessment. The University of Utah uses the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT) as a criterion for licensure recommendations.  Please see as well as program handbooks for more information.


The Elementary Teacher Licensure program is designed to prepare teacher candidates to effectively work with elementary students across various age and ability levels, and from diverse cultural linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds.



The Secondary Teacher Licensure program is designed to prepare junior high, middle school and high school educators.  Students major in a subject area they wish to teach, and are encouraged to also pursue a teaching minor.



Master's programs can be completed with the following departments: Department of Educational Psychology, Department of Special Education, Department of Education, Culture and Society or Department of Educational Leadership and Policy.