Permission Codes

Thank you for submitting a permission code for one of our EDU or an ECS course! Please note the important information below to help you as you register for your classes.

For EDU Courses:

You will receive a response from the UITE in 48 hours once we have verified your USBE background check. Please note that no permission codes are issued over the weekend or on holidays. If you completed a permission code request form on a Friday, over the weekend, or on a holiday, you will receive a response the following business day.

If you requested a permission code for EDU 6/5316 or EDU 6/5321, your instructor will be contacting you via umail regarding your field practicum placement. Please be check your umail for these and all official university correspondence.

Completing a permission code request form reserves a space for you in class. Once the verification of your USBE Background Checks is completed, a permission code is issued. If your USBE Background Check hasn’t cleared yet, your space will remain reserved until the semester opens or until you are issued a permission code. Students should remember that the USBE Background Check process is two steps: the online portion and the physical fingerprinting portion. Both parts are required to be completed for your USBE Background Check to be verified by the UITE.

If you have any other questions, please contact Ms. Kristen Lindsay,


For ECS Courses:

If you requested a permission code for ECS 6/5645 or 6/5647, the permission code will not be issued to you right away. Permission codes will be issued a few weeks after open enrollment for the specific semester opens. Note that all course prerequisites are verified as well as where you are in the Licensure Programs will determine if you are issued a permission code. Preference is given to students who will be starting their licensure year in the upcoming cohort year. UITE partners with ECS to determine course space and enrollment. All ECS permission codes are issued directly by ECS to students umail accounts.

If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Jason Newnum,

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