Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Teaching is an amazing career path that is always in demand. Let us show you the benefits of becoming a teacher.

Teachers are always In-Demand

Over the past 5 years, 99% of elementary and secondary teacher candidates were hired upon graduation.

A career in teaching offers the benefit of job stability.

The state of Utah is in need of highly qualified, passionate teachers for our young learners. Demand for teachers in Utah is expected to grow by 28% over the next decade.

Approximately 3500 teaching jobs are available in Utah each year. This projected job growth and current job demand make teaching one of the top rated careers nationally for job security.

Teaching jobs are available across the country and around the world.  Once a teaching license is obtained in one state, transferring it to another state or even another country is sometimes as easy as filling out a form and paying a registration fee.

Superior Benefits

Teacher receive benefit packages (e.g., health insurance, retirement, sick leave) that are significantly better than most other professions, and that represent compensation worth an additional 25%-30% of listed salary.

While the work of a teacher certainly extends beyond the standard contract time of 7 hours per day, 180 days per year, teachers have more autonomy and flexibility over where and when they complete that work than almost any other profession.

Living Wage

Some Utah school districts start a first-year teacher at over $50,000 per year (compare this to average entry-level salaries of other professions that require much more schooling, such as an entry-level lawyer in Utah, $54,000 per year).

Additional stipends for coaching, advising, and administrative assignments can significantly increase a teacher’s salary.

Plus, most districts operate on a salary schedule that provides percentage raises annually, based on salary and experience.

Working with Youth

The opportunity to work with youth may be the best benefit of becoming a teacher. Being able to teach our next generation is very rewarding. Knowing your career can make difference is what makes so many of us want to teach.

Whether they are 5 or 15 kids will always keep you on your toes while teaching. The job is always interesting!

Commitment to Communities

Community involvement is an essential part of being a teacher. Becoming a teacher gives you that opportunity to contribute to the foundation of our communities.

The more involved teachers are with our communities the better we understand our students, their needs, and how to support them in the classroom.

The highest rates of student success tie directly to our schools and teachers’ commitments to communities.

A Credentialed Profession

Graduates of the Urban Institute for Teacher Education are prepared to serve students and education communities in all their rich diversity. Our program prepares educators to become fully licensed and prepared to teach upon graduation.

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