Reading Methods Courses closed for registration Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Enrollment is closed. If you need to take this course, please plan to enroll in Spring 2023.

EDU 5316/6316: Basic Intervention for Primary Grade Readers and EDU 6/5321: Basic Intervention for Upper Elementary Grade Readers is no longer available for registration due to scheduling of required trainings and field placements.

Students who are interested in enrolling in the course for a future semester are reminded to ensure that they have a valid USBE Background Check completed if they intend to enroll in class. Please refer to the instructions on the Background Check website to ensure that you have the required background check completed. It is strongly recommended that if you haven’t yet begun this process, you do so as soon as possible.

Permission codes for Spring 2023 will be available on Thursday, November 3, 2022

Future course offerings:

Students can enroll in the course in Spring 2023. Students are reminded that they should either be co-enrolled or already completed the co-requite course listed below.

UITE Grade Policy: Students are reminded that all education courses must be passed with a B- or better, with Math 4010 and Math 4020 passed a C or better.

To enroll in EDU 6/5316 students must have already completed in a prior semester or be enrolled in ED PS 6/5315: Reading Methods I at the time of course registration.

To enroll in EDU 6/5321 students must have already completed in a prior semester or be enrolled in ED PS 6/5321: Reading Methods II at the time of course registration.

If you have any questions regarding the course, permission codes or the USBE Background Check, please contact Kristen Lindsay.