Matthew Dimick

Matthew graduated from the University of Utah. He likes to camp, mountain bike, ski, hike, fish, and travel with family and friends. He advises students to no overload your plate as a teacher, since many people will ask you do extra all the time. “For me, when I do extra it takes away from my effectiveness in the classroom and my effectiveness as a father and husband. That being said, I know people who thrive on doing extra and have the energy to pull it off. I guess you need to be honest with yourself about what you are actually capable of doing well, without ending up in a tailspin…” He truly enjoy interacting with my students, colleagues, and learning new subjects to teach. “Over the years I have taught many different subjects, levels, and age groups. Variety in my schedule helps me stay interested, challenged, and become more well rounded since I can see things from an ESL, mainstream, At-Risk, and AP perspective. I wouldn’t consider myself a master of any specific area, however I have learned to adapt to any environment I have the opportunity to learn from. “