FA 4000

All students should note the following information: FA 4000: Integrating the Arts into Academic Learning will not be offered in fall 2021. Any student who planned to enroll in the class in fall 2021 should plan to enroll in Spring 2022. It is strongly encouraged that students complete their prerequisite requirement course for FA 4000 in summer or fall 2021 to enroll in FA 4000 in spring 2022.

Prerequisite courses offered fall 2021:

Fall 2021

ART 3015: Materials and Methods of Art

THEA 3015: Materials and Methods in Theatre


Future Semester Courses

Spring 2022

MUSC 3015: Creative Connections


Summer 2022

DANC 3015: Materials and Methods of Dance


Questions? Please contact the UITE Academic Advisor: Sara Hatch Southwick