ECS 5647 Instructional Methods for Linguistically Diverse Populations

To request a permission code for ECS 6/5647 Instructional Methods for Linguistically Diverse Populations, please click on the link to the correct semester below. Note that all permission codes are issued by ECS and not by UITE. All permission codes will be issued after the open enrollment date for that semester. Please see the academic calendar for the correct semester.

Undergraduate licensure students are reminded that this course is optional. Graduate licensure students should note that this course is required for most programs. Please see your academic advisor if

Questions, please contact Jason Newnum of ECS directly.

If you complete the permission code request form for spring 2022, space may not be available and you may need to take the course in summer (elementary education majors) or fall (secondary education students.

ECS 6/5647 Permission Code Request Form


Background Checks and Permission Codes