ECS 6/5645

Students are reminded prior to requesting their permission code that they must have all prerequisites successfully taken or be currently enrolled in all prerequisites for ECS 6/5645. Priority is given to students who need the course to proceed into their Licensure Year.

To register for a permission code for ECS 6/5645, please use the link below. We request that you do not submit the form more than once unless directed to by either ECS or UITE. Submitting the form more than once will not result in a faster permission code issuance.

All students should note: the permission codes are issued directly by ECS and will not be issued until a few weeks after open enrollment begins for the corresponding semester.

Open Enrollment Dates:

ECS 6/5645 Permission Code Request Form- This form will be reopened for spring 2022 in mid-September. Do not submit this form more than once.