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Secondary Teaching License (grades 6 - 12)

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Secondary Education Advisor:

Sara Hatch
SAEC 2264

Secondary Teaching License (grades 6-12)

The U of U's secondary teacher education program, in partnership with public education, provides the foundation and experience to work with Utah's students in communities from urban to rural, across age and ability levels, and from diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Because our teacher education program is part of a research university, students will learn from and be challenged by some of the leading educational scholars in the world. Our location in a diverse metropolitan provides excellent opportunities for real-world field experience.

The U of U offers licensure in the following secondary subject areas:

Teaching Majors






Earth Science








Exercise & Sports Science*



*ESS and Music are k-12 programs and are offered through the individual departments only.

Teaching Minors












Teaching Major & Teaching Minor Sign-off Forms

ESL Endorsement: All classes currently required by the Utah State Board of Education for an ESL endorsement are included in our secondary licensure programs. This means that every student completing these programs will be eligible for an ESL endorsement at the time they are recommended for their initial teaching license.

Undergraduate Secondary Program

Undergraduate Secondary Program Summary

Secondary Education at the U of U is not a major or minor; students major and minor in the content areas they wish to teach. This program may be completed in conjunction with a bachelor's degree, or on its own after completion of a bachelor's degree.

Undergraduate Application Checklist & Materials

To earn a bachelor's degree, students must also fulfill General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirements.

Explanation of General Education & Bachelor Degree Requirements:

University Graduation Requirement Worksheet

  • Check with the departmental advisors for overlap between major/minor requirements with General Education or Bachelor Degree Requirements.
  • Education courses that fulfill General Education or Bachelor Degree Requirements are noted as such in the program summary.

Information for Transfer Students

Graduate Secondary Programs

Educational Leadership and Policy

This program option combines the secondary licensure program in the Urban Institute for Teacher Education with a Master’s of Education degree through the Department Educational Leadership and Policy. The focus of the Teacher Leadership M.Ed. program is to support educators in developing the knowledge and skills essential for effective teacher leadership within schools and to develop a knowledge base in becoming educational change agents. The coursework required will help develop both conceptual and practical understandings in teacher instructional leadership. The mission of the Teacher Leadership master’s program is to develop teacher leaders who have the appropriate knowledge and skills to raise student achievement, to close the achievement gap, and to create democratic and just school communities.

Education Culture and Society

This program option combines the secondary licensure program in the Urban Institute for Teacher Education with a Master’s of Education degree through the Department of Education, Culture, & Society.The M.Ed. program in the Education, Culture, & Society Department is designed to prepare and work with teachers to be effective educators for the increasingly diverse classrooms of the Salt Lake region. The require d coursework in the program focuses on areas such as family and community partnerships, the meaning and art of teaching and learning in urban contexts, and linguistically diverse classrooms and communities. The goal of the Education, Culture, & Society master’s program is to p rovide practical and conceptual frameworks that teachers can use in the classroom to create equitable and academically challenging learning spaces.

World Languages Master's of Arts Program Summary

The WLMA program combines the secondary licensure program in the Urban Institute for Teacher Education with a Master's of Arts in World Languages degree through the Department of Languages & Literature. This program is designed to offer licensure in a wide variety of foreign languages.

Admissions Information

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