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UITE Graduate Assistants


Sandra Leu Bonannosandra

Sandra is a doctoral student at the University of Utah in the depart of Educational Leadership and Policy. Her research focus in on understanding bilingual education as a potential catalyst for culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogies. At Michigan State University, she earned her B.A. in Elementary Education with specializations in Spanish and History, and thereafter, her M.Ed in bilingual education from the University of California, San Diego. She has enjoyed teaching all age groups from preschoolers to middle school and spent a year as a charter school administrator. When she isn’t working in education, you can find Sandra outside enjoying Utah’s beautiful lakes and mountains.

 Elisabeth Dibble


 Kona Eldredge

Kona was born and raised in South Korea. She is a PhD student in the Department of Education, Culture and Society at the University of Utah and a graduate research assistant at the Urban Institute for Urban Teacher Education. She has also been teaching Korean courses as an associate instructor at the Department of Languages and Literature since 2013. After completing her bachelor's degrees in Linguistics and International Studies, she received an M.Ed. in ECS from the University of Utah. Her research interest focuses on education for linguistically and culturally diverse students. Her specific areas of interest include bilingual education, heritage language maintenance, ESL, and teacher education

  Rebecca Hunter


 Liz Thackeray Nelson

Liz is a full-time doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology, Reading and Literacy, at the University of Utah. She earned her M.A. in English at Georgetown University and B.A. in English Teaching from Brigham Young University. She taught high school language arts courses for six years at an alternative high school for at-risk youth in Virginia as well as East High School in Salt Lake. Liz enjoys refinishing furniture, reading to her nieces, and playing with her dog, Mr. Darcy.


 Margaret Osgood Opatz

Margaret Osgood Opatz is currently a doctoral student in the Educational Psychology Department. Her studies include reading and literacy and linguistics. She is former a Language and Culture Coach, an elementary, and English Language Development teacher who worked in elementary and middle school classrooms in South Korea, Arizona, and Utah.


Last Updated: 9/17/18