Cherie Jaramillo

Cherie graduated from Utah Valley University. She likes gardening, hiking, boating, camping, fishing, traveling, sewing, etc. She likes to do just about anything as long as she am with her family. Cherie has several pieces of advise for new teachers. 1) Have your classroom management strategies in place. Manage your classroom fairly and firmly. The students need structure and organization in order to learn. 2) Relationships with your kiddos are very important. Find ways to connect with them and let them know that you care about them. These relationships will help inspire their learning and will help with your classroom management. 3) Establish and develop a mode of communication with your parents such as Bloomz, Class Dojo, etc., to build a relationship with your kiddos families. Education is a team effort and you need their families to be there to support you with their child’s learning. 4) Use or find a mentor to support you and to help you learn. Be open to new instructional strategies and to the feedback given. 5) Ask for help and learn from your mistakes. Always have an open mindset by reevaluating your instruction. Review your day and ask yourself what you could do to improve your lesson and/or instructional method next time. Cherie loves the kiddos. “I love interacting with them and helping them learn and understand the content of whatever material I am teaching. It’s amazing to see their progression and to watch them grow throughout the school year. I love seeing things through their eyes and learning from them. Nothing is greater than watching them achieve a goal and to see how proud they are of themselves. I love that they are my kiddos and that I have the wonderful opportunity to share something so special with them even if its just for one year of their education. Being a teacher is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs I have ever had!!!”